Welcome to Paterson Church of God

In the heart of Paterson, New Jersey is a community of worshippers who love God! Multicultural, Pentecostal and full gospel are a few of the descriptive terms for the Paterson Church of God vision.  While these descriptions are accurate our heart is all about reaching hurting people and providing hope and healing.  Located in the center of Paterson at 351 10th Ave., our harvest is all around us.  Won't you come join us on this mission?

Thank you for taking a moment to take a look at Paterson Church.  When you visit with us you will find a church with passion; passion for Christ, passion for the community, and passion for each other.  As with all believers Jesus Christ must be primary above all relationships and all we do is motivated by our desire to please Him and do His will.  Jesus wept when he looked at his community.  Jesus had his eyes on the harvest at all times.  Certainly it is true today as in the day He walked the earth, "the fields are white and ready for harvest".  We, the church are His laborers and the times demand a bold and fervent effort.  As those outside the church look on us may they find us loving each other.  It was He who said "they" will know us by our love for one another.  Give us an opportunity to bless you!

You will find acceptance.  You will find a place.  You will find a cause.  And you will be blessed immeasurably along the way.